The GrillEye Pro Plus barbecue thermometer will come onto the market. Already we would like to introduce you to the innovative barbecue thermometer, which could become a real “game changer”, because it offers, among other things, an unlimited range thanks to hybrid wireless connectivity.

GrillEye Pro Plus

The standard GrillEye Bluetooth thermometer hit the market in late 2016, setting new standards in terms of Bluetooth range and usability. Even today it is one of the best thermometers on the market. However, since the manufacturer (G & C from Greece) had the thermometer developed and built in Asia, replicas and copies were launched very quickly. Optically partially identical, but usually with a significantly lower range.
For the GrillEye Pro Plus one chose another way. This thermometer was completely developed and manufactured in Europe.

Also the patents of the innovative technologies are registered, so that Asian Replicas will not deliver the same quality and value to the customer.

grilleye pro plus grillEye ProPlus Features US GrillEye Pro Plus & # 8211;  Test of WiFi & # 038;  Bluetooth grill thermometer

A very good overview of all new features, for example, this video offers:

Unlimited range & maximum equipment

The aim was to create a professional barbecue thermometer, which meets the highest standards. Unique features, perfect ergonomics and above all an improved range are the key points that the new GrillEye Pro Plus should fulfill. So far it was the case that the GrillEye was a pure Bluetooth thermometer. The range of up to 100 m was achieved in the open field. However, the more walls there were between transmitter and receiver, the shorter the range became. New and patented hybrid wireless connectivity addresses the range problem. The GrillEye Pro Plus automatically switches between Bluetooth and WiFi , providing optimal power management and unlimited range within the WLAN spot . Only by the number and range of Wi-Fi spots is limited.

Another plus is the Adaptive Display System (ADS) . The GrillEye Pro Plus is equipped with a large 2.7-inch screen with active matrix, which is readable in all weather conditions – and thus also in direct sunlight. So you can always read the most important information and temperatures on the thermometer.

grilleye pro plus grillEye PRO Plus Probes-GrillEye Pro Plus & # 8211;  Test of WiFi & # 038;  Bluetooth grill thermometer

The number of connectable sensors has also been increased. While the GrillEye has been able to connect up to 6 temperature sensors at the same time, the GrillEye Pro Plus even has 8 probe connections, and you can monitor the temperatures of up to 8 sensors simultaneously . The probes on the GrillEye are the only ones approved by the FDA in the US for safe food use.

grilleye pro plus grillEye PRO Plus Charge Port GrillEye Pro Plus & # 8211;  Test of WiFi & # 038;  Bluetooth grill thermometer

It has a built-in Li-Ion battery with 2500 mAH , which corresponds to a battery life of up to 48h . The GrillEye Pro + is charged via a USB mini charging cable. The housing is swiveling and can be attached to the grill with the magnet holder.

GrillEye Pro Plus grilleye pro plus grillEye PRO Plus F Pack GrillEye Pro Plus & # 8211;  Test of WiFi & # 038;  Bluetooth grill thermometer
GrillEye Pro Plus
All features at a glance:
  • Interactive information with patented ADS technology
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Unlimited range within the wireless network with hybrid wireless connectivity
  • 8 connections for temperature sensor
  • 2.7 inch matrix display that is readable in direct sunlight
  • 360 ° rotatable unadjustable viewing angle in the magnetic holder
  • Powerful Li-Ion USB battery with 2500 mAH and up to 48h runtime
  • App control via iOS and Android devices
  • Updatable hardware with over-the-air updates
  • Only FDA Approved BBQ thermometer for Food Health Safety

grilleye pro plus grillEye PRO Plus Dual Probe F-GrillEye Pro Plus & # 8211;  Test of WiFi & # 038;  Bluetooth grill thermometer

The GrillEye ProPlus is the new standard.
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