Dual temperature display
current & target

For each thermometer probe, the GrillEye® displays, simultaneously, the current as well as the target temperature,

using 2 different LED indicators, so that you can see what’s cooking, even without your mobile.

2 in 1 Temperature Probes
FDA Approved

The GrillEye® includes 2 Pro-grade meat thermometer probes, made of space grade aluminum, and 2 clips for ambient temperature readings. GrillEye®

probes are the 1st worldwide, to be certified by the FDA for safe use with food.

FDA approval for website.png

Healthy grilling & smoking

The grip of GrillEye® probes is made of space-grade aluminum that won’t melt in your food like plastic does.

This is why GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide to receive FDA approval.

Probe manual

Probe Manual