GrillEye BBQ Thermometer


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The GrillEye® Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer keeps a watchful eye on your grill or smoker while you relax with your friends and family.  As soon as food temperature reaches the desired levels GrillEye® sends a notification to your mobile device.


Key Features

  • 300′ Bluetooth range*: Bluetooth connection enables users to monitor grilling temperatures from up to a 300 foot distance, without experiencing disconnections.
  • 6 Probe ports: GrillEye allows easy monitoring of up to 6 different temperature probes at the same time.
  • Dual temperature display: GrillEye displays, simultaneously, the current as well as the target temperature, using 2 different LED indicators.
  • 2 in 1 Temperature Probes FDA approved for safe use with food. Includes 2 Pro-grade thermometer probes, made of space grade aluminum with flame-proof grip, and 2 clips for ambient temperature readings
  • Elegant and rugged design: GrillEye is designed to withstand the roughest conditions during grilling and smoking, without losing its premium style that makes it stand out from the bunch.

Out of stock

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