Grilleye unit
Grilleye box

100m Bluetooth® range*
* measured in space without obstacles

Bluetooth® connection of the GrillEye®, enables  you to monitor temperatures from up to 100m distance, without annoying disconnections.


6 Availabe ports

Grill to perfection without worrying about the number of guests. GrillEye®allows you to track, easily, the temperature of up to 6 different probes at the same time.

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Elegant and rugged design

GrillEye® is designed to withstand the tough conditions during grilling and smoking, without loosing its premium style that makes it stand out of the bunch.

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Anti-glare screen

GrillEye® screen is made of a specially coated polymer that keeps the device lightweight while reflecting the sunlight, thus allowing you to read temperatures easily.

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Dual temperature display

For each probe, the GrillEye® displays the current and the target temperature, using 2 different LED indicators, so that you can see what’s cooking, even without your mobile.

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Space-grade Aluminum, adjustable stand

GrillEye® uses a space-grade, aluminum rotating stand that allows you to adjust the device’s position and enhance your viewing angle, whether you are standing or sitting.

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Healthy grilling & smoking

The grip of GrillEye® probes is made of space-grade aluminum that won’t melt in your food like plastic does. This is why GrillEye® probes are the 1st worldwide to receive FDA approval.

Device image manual

Device Manual